Google has brought on the market the car without steering and pedals

Because we are heading towards to a new era, Google has come with a new concept, that surpassed the idea of a usual electric car, they have developed an autonomous prototype hands-free driving.

More exactly, these prototype will run without having pedals and steering wheel for driver. In this moment the care has not a particularly name for this car, but they assured us that this model is designed to transport the people safely to the destination and avoiding any kind of accident. Thanks to the fact that it has been designed from start without a steering wheel, but to be completely autonomous, the car has no blind spot because of its laser sensors and camera that provide a 360 degree view of the surroundings. More, these images are analyzed by a set of computers pre-programmed to avoid the obstacles. Inside, the passengers, because we can`t talk about a driver, has just a start & stop button and a display that presents the route and time remaining until destination.

The new concept runs thru an electric motor and it is limited to 40 km / h. For the moment, features as multimedia system, mirrors, glove box and rear seat were removed. The shape of this prototype because it looks more friendly and they are trying to minimize the fears of those who see this vehicle. Frontal part of the car is made by easily deformable materials, in any case of accident with a pedestrian or a cyclist, to minimize the injuries. And, more than that,  Google engineers have equipped the new model with a flexible windshield.

For the moment Google is waiting the legislation that will allow to run this model on public roads. Actually, first cars that will be tested by Google`s engineers will be equipped with steering wheel, brake pedal and accelerator pedal, that offer the possibility to intervene in extreme case for engineer who will be on board.

It is unknown when the big American Company will start to produce this model in a large number, but, as the case of smartphones, they want to find a car manufacturer open to new ideas, to collaborate with.

Google has brought on the market the car without steering and pedals_11858
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