Chinese from SAIC have won the Design competition from Los Angeles

With the occasion of the annual Design competition organized at the Auto Show from Los Angeles, Chinese from SAIC Motor has come with their team, and has managed to win the competition. This year has been registered the ten edition of this contest, and the Chinese has succeed to overcome other important constructors, as Subaru, Mazda, Toyota, Mini and BMW. The complete list of participants has included other three Chinese brands, as Qoros, JAC Motors and Changfeng. The theme edition of this year was “Biomimicry & Mobility 2025 - Response to Challenges of Human Nature”.

The Chinese producer has come with the Roewe Mobiliant concept, inspired by an ant body. This will assure a single place and is built for the urban public transport. The model has been described as “optimistic, beautiful and responded best to the criteria of the contest, imitating a truly sustainable transport solution, reminiscent of an ancient and functionally million years”, which has market an important victory for the Chinese producer, and for a country well known for the past failures notified by the copying the design of more occidental models.

Through this model, the Chinese have succeed to win against the big name from design studio of North America.

Chinese from SAIC have won the Design competition from Los Angeles_10588
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