Five stars at Euro NCAP for Qoros 3 Sedan

We know that the European customers might be reluctant at a Chinese car producer, but you have to know that Qoros 3 Sedan has received from Euro NCAP tests a very important score, five stars and the percentages obtained in the tests really inspire confidence.

These five stars are based on 95% score for Sedan Sections Adult Occupant Protection, 87% for Child Occupant Protection, 77 percent for the Pedestrian protection category and 81 percent for the Safety System. And if you want standard of comparison you need to know that the car which has registered the highest score in the history of Euro NCAP tests, Volvo V40 has recorded last year 98% for the Adult occupant protection category, 75 percent for Child Occupant Protection, 88% for the Pedestrian Protection and for Safety System category 100%.

The Chinese officials have expected these results: “Through a result for the first time for a Chinese producer, the compact Qoros 3 sedan received the maximum score of five stars at EuroNCAP tests. Qoros 3 Sedan gathered high scores in all four categories of EuroNCAP testing and comes with the best performance of all models tested so far in 2013 the European organization”.

Last year, Qoros has announced the model with the name GQ3, but after some legal problems because Audi has rights on these name, they have change it in “3 Sedan”. After the problems with Audi, also the BMW wanted to attack the name due to a similitude with the “Series 3”.

Produced in Changshu, the new Qoros 3 Sedan is dedicated to the European market. The Chinese produce has promised a SUV, named Hybrid Cross Concept and break called Qoros 2 Estate.

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