Meet the new Radical Xtreme Coupe RXC

The Radical Xtreme Coupe RXC has not stolen its name, because in addition to quite radically, he is particularly extreme.

Track day enthusiasts who have outgrown their Lotus Elise may contact Radical. No better way to hone your lap times than at the wheel of this Xtreme Coupe RXC, a hardcore track guy with a deep passion for speed.

The thing is powered by a naturally aspirated 3.7 liters V6 Ford-origin, whose 380 horses through a Quaife-zevenbak be guided to the rear wheels. One horsepower to weight ratio of 422 bhp per ton, the Xtreme wings, because the classic 0-100 km / h sprint takes just 2.8 seconds. The composite bodywork built with huge rear spoiler generates downforce to 900 kilograms.

Carbon ceramic brakes are optional, but Radical provides a heated windscreen, air conditioning and power steering. 

Meet the new Radical Xtreme Coupe RXC_8171
2013-01-24 | 1133 views

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